How to showcase a new brand?


The challenge:
In 2016 AnaCap, the largest specialised private equity fund and owner of the FM Bank PBP, decided to integrate its banking brands Bank SMART and BIZ Bank and create a new brand. That’s how Nest Bank came to life. The management wanted to communicate this change to its stakeholders.

The solution:
Our main recommendation was that the new brand should generate interest among journalists. We also thought beneficial any speculation about the forthcoming rebranding of the bank. In the view of the above, we arranged for an interview during which the CEO suggested that there would be modifications but without revealing any specific details.

We used media relation for the launch of the new brand. The presentation of Nest Bank was held on the 19thfloor in a block of flats. In this way we made reference to the story behind the brand: a bank for families symbolised by a nest.

The effect:
The speculation strategy allowed Nest Bank to be present in the media for a longer period of time. Due to the franchising nature of the bank, we were especially happy about all coverage that the new brand got in the local newspapers. During the first 24 hours after the press conference social media monitoring found 212 mentions regarding Nest Bank highlighting our key messages:

  • a new bank for individuals and SME’s has arrived on the market
  • it’s a bank for families and family businesses
  • it is based on franchising model