What potential clients want?

Client: weekly.pl

The challenge:
weekly is a startup that created an application which enables communication within large and scattered sales teams. The creators of the app decided to sell it via direct sale and personal presentation. They have met with many executives and managers. Some of them decided to buy the app. But they still had a pipeline of potential clients so, after a while, they decided to refresh these contacts.

The solution:
We advised that weekly should organise a seminar on changes brought by the digital era. During the event, Dr. Max Bielecki from the SWPS University delivered a very interesting presentation on contemporary communication phenomena in which he stressed the strengths of weekly as sales support tool. We also reached – via LinkedIn – managers that had never heard of weekly.

The effect:
The seminar was very well received and allowed for refreshing contact with many potential clients. weekly decided to continue with such events in the future, since they are convinced it’s a very good formula for building potential clients database.