How to use research results for PR?

Client: Bibby Financial Services

The challenge:
Bibby Financial Services (BFS) is an invoice financing company that is part of Bibby Line Group – an independent British firm. Since 2011 Bibby Financial Services has been carrying out a research called Bibby MSP Index which is similar to the Purchase Manager Index (PMI). Bibby MSP Index is a flagship research project and its aim is to assist Polish SME’s in making right business decisions. It also builds the desired image of BFS which would like to be seen as an institution that helps Polish companies in their development.

The solution:
We advised BFS that it should introduce questions on current economic topics to the research. We also pointed out the it would be beneficial to split it parts. This way, more separate material was created which allowed for a larger number of publications. In addition, in order to promote the research and the brand behind, we added low budget ads in specialised magazines. The articles based on Bibby MSP Index’s findings also served for content marketing and lead nurturing projects.

The effect:
Important national dailies such as Rzeczpospolita or Puls Biznesu as well as specialised press (which is a key tool in getting to certain target groups) published articles on Bibby MSP Index. Findings from the research were discussed in the Polish Radio.

The articles based on Bibby MSP and the related content produced by Futurama were so popular that the client decided on launching an SME dedicated website.

Our actions over a 3-year span brought the following results:

  • over 1.000 publications
  • improved effectivity of newsletter comms – the OR (Open Rate) increased by 30% approximately
  • increased number of returning clients.