Our Offer

We help our clients – technology firms, fintechs and SME’s – communicate efficiently with all their stakeholders: employees, investors, competitors or the market. We make sure that their image is coherent with their business strategy.

Communication strategy
mission/ vision/ values/ branding/ design/ storytelling

Content marketing
External communications/
media relations, investor relations, crisis communication, product communication

Internal communications/
communication for change management/ HR communication/ employer branding

Social media
Facebook / linkedin / twitter

reports/ guidelines GRI G4/ AA1000/ ISO 26000:2010/ IIRC / 1729

analysis/ research/ monitoring

Photography/ infographics/ video



How to showcase a new brand?

The challenge:
In 2016 AnaCap, the largest specialised private equity fund and owner of the FM Bank PBP, decided to integrate its banking brands Bank SMART and BIZ Bank and create a new brand. That’s how Nest Bank came to life. The management wanted to communicate this change to its stakeholders.

What potential clients want?

The challenge:
weekly is a startup that created an application which enables communication within large and scattered sales teams. The creators of the app decided to sell it via direct sale and personal presentation. They have met with many executives and managers. Some of them decided to buy the app. But they still had a pipeline of potential clients so, after a while, they decided to refresh these contacts.

How to use research results for PR?

The challenge:
Bibby Financial Services (BFS) is an invoice financing company that is part of Bibby Line Group – an independent British firm. Since 2011 Bibby Financial Services has been carrying out a research called Bibby MSP Index which is similar to the Purchase Manager Index (PMI). Bibby MSP Index is a flagship research project and its aim is to assist Polish SME’s in making right business decisions. It also builds the desired image of BFS which would like to be seen as an institution that helps Polish companies in their development.


We work for technology firms, fintechs and SME’s.

We work for:

Bibby Financial Services Polska
CTRL System
Human Power
Mash Poland
Square One Resources

We worked for:

Forum Polskiego Handlu
Konferencja Przedsiębiorstw Finansowych
Nest Bank
Point of Design
Ringier Axel Springer Polska

About us

First of all, we are a PR agency. We help startups create their identity and stand out on a very competitive market, thus helping them attract clients. For SME’s we provide additional comms supportwhich may help them develop faster.

We are comms experts. We know everything about marketing, we know what promotion is for and when one should use advertising. But it is PR that we like the most.

Everything we do is aimed at making communication as useful as useful are solutions it serves.

We want to work with organisations that understand the impact they have on their environment. Such organisations strive for balance in the ever-changing world. Together we want to build strategies founded on ethics. In each and every project that we deliver, we look for the right mix of efficiency and accountability.

We are a group of consultants with many years of experience in comms management, marketing and PR. We have delivered hundreds of projects for different national and international brands, small and medium companies from diverse market sectors. If the project we deliver calls for additional skills, we cooperate with a group of trusted partners that we have known and worked with for years. That’s how we create compelling strategies and highly efficient campaigns.


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Our partners

Content Marketing Polska Association

The association was established to promote content marketing as successful strategy aimed at building a community of loyal clients and creating brand recognition. Find out more on http://contentmarketingpolska.pl